Easy to Use & Clean
Up to 200 mL (7oz) Capacity
Very Light & Silent

Included In Every Kit:
1x Spherificator
1x Transformer Plug
2x Stainless Steel Nozzles
70g of Sodium Alginate
100g of Calcium Chloride
100g of Sodium Citrate
1x replacement hose

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• Say goodbye to your syringes! The Spherificator turns food into caviar pearls in no time at all. The Spherificator is a handheld device that will product up to 500 pearls per minute!
• You will now be able to shape almost any item in your kitchen into a pearl. The Spherificator takes the spherification technique used by Master Chefs and turns it into a quick, easy and reliable process with professional results.
• Easy to Use & Clean
• Vegan alternative to caviar
• Produces pearls in seconds
• The Spherificator is fast and easy to use with results that will amaze
your guests. This is an excellent tool for foodies, chefs, bartenders
and much more!